Global Corporate Challenge® 2008

Welcome to the world’s most exciting corporate health and wellbeing initiative.

The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) has reinvented the way businesses become, and stay healthy, by founding everything on one principle – fun. Health and fitness needn’t be a chore, a bore, or a brush with death in an advanced spin class. People won’t do what they don’t enjoy (certainly not voluntarily anyway) so we have created an event that not only gets results, it engages your workforce.

While increased staff fitness, teamwork, a positive competitive spirit, and an active, healthy and more productive workforce are the outcomes, fun and enjoyment is the experience.

If you’re not logging in as a participant or taking a guest tour, have a taste of the GCC for yourself:

  • The GCC Participant Pledge

    “I enter the GCC 2008 as a willing participant and as such, I pledge to give my best for the full 125 days of the event.
    I understand that the potential wellbeing benefits are in direct correlation to my efforts and therefore I will support, and seek support, from my family friends and team-mates to maximise this effort.
    I will participate with integrity, fairness and always within the spirit of the event”.

    This is my pledge.